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Russ Campbell

The group of Web sites is published and edit­ed by me, blogger and outdoor photographer, Russell (Russ) Campbell. As you may already have noticed, these Web pa­ges are mainly about photography, birds/birding and politics, however, aside from the subjects covered in our photography and political blogs, I do plan to cover a wider range of subjects.

A bit of background: I was born on the island of Jamaica in the West Indies and moved to Canada while still a teen­ager. After a career during which I was at different times a chief financial officer, a chief information officer, a chief operating officer and a consultant, I “discovered” digital photography.

My other interests include politics, birding, information technology, family research, creative writing and sports, and so you can expect that I’ll cover these areas in one way or another at

My wife, Denisé, and I now live at Burlington, Ontario, Canada, where I spend my time photographing nature and blogging as a conservative who believes that common sense and independent thinking trump political dogma.

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Contact: cycroft [at] gmail [dot] com

Hakuna matata,

Russ Campbell