This site is Russ Campbell’s home in cyberspace and a portal to the many areas of his Internet activity. It is also home to his project, The Times of My Life, A Private Narrative, which is the history of his family and his early life in Jamaica, West Indies.


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Back in the mid-nineties, when the World Wide Web (WWW) was still in its infancy, I became interested in using the Internet to pursue various interests. Since then, the Web has evolved in giant leaps from a cranky, clumsy, text-dominated environment with quite limited resources for research and social interaction to the content-rich, graphics-intensive world it now is.

Newspapers, magazines, books, online encyclopedias, research projects and blogs proliferate on today’s Web, while social media like FacebookTwitter and Flickr, among many others, provide virtually unlimited opportunities for social interaction unmatched in human history. 

Creative writing, digital photography, birding and politics are my primary interests these days, though I also enjoy researching my family’s roots and several other areas, including history, motion pictures, Web design and typography. Although this is a personal Website, those who share my interests might enjoy browsing these pages. You can explore all sections of by clicking on the menu at the top of its pages or by clicking on the text- and button-links distributed throughout. is also the new home of my The Times of My Life, A Private Narrative project, which is the telling of the history of my family and my early life in Jamaica, West Indies. supports the latest, stable releases of all major browsers and decices. On Windows, we support Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Google Chrome. Generally speaking, we support the latest versions of each major mobile platform’s default browsers, and we support Google Chrome and Safari on iPads. Note that some less-popular mobile browsers (such as Opera Mini, Opera Mobile’s Turbo mode, UC Browser Mini, Amazon Silk) are not supported.'s pages also will not display well in Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)—especially in its earlier versions—but will be readable if not very attractive. 

Immediately below are summaries of's three main departments (subject areas): Family Research into my Jamaican family roots, my Photography of birds and places, and the history and culture of the island of Jamaica.

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Departments is divided into three main departments (subject areas), and the tabbed section below contains brief summaries of each. The full contents of these departments are contained in separate web pages, which can be accessed via the main menu at the top of this page or by following the "Learn more" link at the end of each summary.

I started researching my family roots in the late 1990s when the Internet was in its infancy. Since then I have augmented my own research with that of several others to the point where I have a pretty good understanding of who my people were and from whence they came. More recently, however, I decided to dig more deeply into my family’s distant past by having my paternal (Y) DND tested and try to find out to which of the ancient Campbell families I belong—or for that matter, whether I’m a “true” Campbell at all.

The Family Research section of is the repository of my efforts so far, with narratives, images and charts documenting the results of my efforts. Some of the data—especially information about living persons—are stored in PDF documents that are protected by passwords, but a lot more information is open for all to see. A significant amount of these data is protected by copyright and I hope visitors will respect that and keep it in mind when using this Website.

Those who would like to access protected family charts, etc., should contact me and explain your interest and connection to the family. Permission to access the data will not be unreasonably withheld, though, I reserve the right to refuse permission without giving a reason. To learn more, visit the Family Research page.
 Family Research Page

Birds & Places as I See Them

After I retired, I became interested in birding and digital photography, two hobbies that complement each other rather well. is my cyber-studio containing examples of my photographs, data about birds and nature in general, along with notes, etc., on photography techniques. 

All this, of course, is very much a work in progress and it will take some time before I get all my stuff online. Although I am pleased that someone might enjoy my work, I would ask visitors to respect my copyright, especially regarding my photographs. To learn more, visit my Photography page.

Jamaica: History & Culture

Although I am Canadian, I was born in Jamaica and retain an interest in that island’s history and culture. I use to summarize my research so I can share what I have learned about my birthplace. I am most interested in the history of Jamaica during its colonial periods and especially in the period immediately following the English conquest in 1655. It was during this time that Sir Henry Morgan immigrated to Jamaica and became one of the island’s earliest leaders, although many—I believe erroneously—see the great man as a pirate and not worthy of being a true hero of his time. 

At, I will cover the lives and times of men such as Harry Morgan and other privateers, buccaneers and pirates who have a connection to the island. To learn more, visit my Jamaica page.
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About Me

Russ Campbell

The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected.

G.K. Chesterton (1874 – 1936)

I was born at Kingston, Jamai­ca, W.I. and moved to Cana­da in my teens. Af­ter a ca­reer dur­ing which I was at dif­fer­ent times: chief fi­nan­cial of­fi­cer, chief in­for­ma­tion of­fi­cer, chief op­er­at­ing of­fi­cer and an IT and financial con­sul­tant, I retired, became a political blogger and “dis­cov­ered” dig­i­tal photography. 

My commentary and essays have appeared in print and on several Websites, including: Burlington Post,, Hamilton Spectator, National Post, Our Burlington, Ottawa Citizen and Times Colonist. In 2011, essays and selected blog entries of mine were published on Postmedia Network’s ( The Real Agenda blog. And links to my blog have been featured in the Best of the Blogs section of

My wife, De­nisé, and I live at Burling­ton, On­tario, Canada where I spend my time pho­tograph­ing na­ture and writing as a con­ser­v­a­tive who be­lieves that com­mon sense and in­de­pen­dent think­ing trump po­lit­i­cal dogma and that partisanship should not trump civic duty. 

For more in­for­ma­tion, you may con­tact the me at: 
cy­croft [at] gmail [dot] com (this e-mail ad­dress is not to be used for non-so­licited com­mer­cial mes­sages of any kind). 

Hakuna matata, 

Russ Campbell
Burlington, ON, Canada

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